Memphis Street Rods was formed in 1968 by a group of young men who were dedicated to cars and car events. While most men of their age were into the Beatles (The Band) and war protests, the Memphis Street Rods’ members were totally dedicated to hot rods. Today their position has somewhat softened to the Beatles (The Band), but they are still into rods and rodding events.  Memphis Street Rods has been involved with NSRA since its inception and has the distinction of being the only street rod club to work every NSRA Street Rod Nationals. We now have third generation rodders  who are members of the club.

The Memphis Street Rods take pride in having members from all walks of life.  If you’re in Memphis, look us up in the NSRA Fellow Pages and give us a shout.

  • President – Johnny Hylander
  • Vice President – David Bradshaw
  • Secretary & Webpage – Clinton Holland
  • Treasurer – Larry Nolan
  • Exec. Chairman-Bill Mullis
  • Exec. Member – Larry Lewis
  • Exec. Member – Mike Rial
  • Exec. Member –Terry Bogue